Limited Lifetime 3 Years Workmanship Warranty

Home Magic LLC

Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction: If the Client is not totally satisfied with work product delivered by HOME MAGIC LLC and the deficiency is within the reasonable and direct control of HOME MAGIC LLC, HOME MAGIC LLC will send its workforce to the subject work site, arriving within 72 hours to remedy deficiencies specified in writing to the Client’s full satisfaction at no additional cost to Client.

Commitment to Workmanship Quality: HOME MAGIC LLC warrants all HOME MAGIC LLC workmanship for the lifetime of the installation, once completed, tested and approved by the Client. This warranty only applies to the labor (product warranties are not inclusive). The warranty will be null and void if it is determined that a repair is required due to negligence, misuse, or abuse on the behalf of the Client, acts of God, or performance of work at the site by a party other than HOME MAGIC LLC, or in case if the Client does not pay full contract amount agreed upon between HOME MAGIC LLC and the Client, and/or if the Client unilaterally cancels the contract or requests credit in any manner.

Warranty specifically covers as follows: Cabinet installation, fillers, moldings, kick plate, legs, post panel, glass doors, hinges, handles or knobs – (Life time),

Granite / Stone Tops Installation and Mount Sink Only (15 Year warranty) Faucet install / Vanity tops granite / wall backsplash tiles – mosaic tiles  (5 Years warranty), Floor tiles , grout (3 Years warranty)


HOME MEGIC LLC shall not be under any responsibility or liability whatsoever to make repairs occasioned to said property caused wholly or in part by windstorm, tornado, lightning, hail or other casualty, or by reasons of negligence by any party not directly associated with the contractor.

Job Description:  Kitchen Cabinets,  Refacing ,  Granite Top,  Vanity Top , Wall Tile ,  Floor Tile ,  Sink/Faucet,  Other: _______________________

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